Saturday, December 19, 2015

Into the Unhappy Consciousness

After his all-too-brief explorations - and criticisms - of Stoicism and Skepticism, the next topic in this section of Freedom of Self-Consciousness is what Hegel calls the "Unhappy Consciousness" (das unglückliche BewuƟtsein).  This portion takes up the lion's share of the section, so one would be entirely right to assume that this shape of consciousness is of central importance to Hegel.

In fact, we will see certain of the motifs developed within the Unhappy Consciousness come to the fore again, and receive further examination, in later sections - particularly in the penultimate section, Religion.  Adding to the importance of this dialectical development is that it will lead us to the very end of the Self-Consciousness section, and prepare the way (as did the earlier Force and the Understanding) for a transition to the next main section - Reason.

Here are the three videos available on the Unhappy Consciousness so far:

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Video Lectures on the Skepticism Section

We have recently finished the videos working our way though Hegel's brief but illuminating examination of Skepticism - a comportment of consciousness following that of Stoicism.

As with Stoicism, Hegel discusses Skepticism as a philosophical movement in antiquity in greater detail in other works, which I'll hopefully have time to blog about soon.

For the present moment, however, here are the three video lectures focused specifically  on the Skepticism portion of this section of the Phenomenology.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Video Lectures on the Stoicism Section

The new, and last, portion of the Self-Consciousness section is devoted to three main sets dialectical developments.  Two of these, which Hegel deals with rather briefly by comparison to the other - the longer last portion - focus specifically on two major philosophical (and indeed, cultural) movements originating in antiquity: Stoicism and Skepticism.

I'll be writing in more detail about Hegel's treatment of Stoicism in another entry -- elsewhere he does discuss at greater length what he takes the world-historical importance and contributions of that school of philosophy to have been, and it is interesting to compare this with his treatment in the Phenomenology.

For the present, however, I'll just point out the three lecture videos exploring that part of the work at hand:

Friday, October 30, 2015

Lordship and Bondage Finished!

With lecture number 79, on paragraph 196 of the Phenomenology, we finish up with Lordship and Bondage -- or to use its more often-used title, the "Master-Slave dialectic".  I anticipated working through this section in about six video lectures, but as it turned out, it required a bit more work -- eight lectures in total, or about 4 hours of viewing time.

By the end of this dialectic engagement between two self-consciousnesses -- one of whom originally remains resolute in the face of death and who becomes the Master, the other of whom gives in, valuing temporary, determinate existence, and losing control over it in the process, the one who becomes the Slave -- the dialectical initiative has passed entirely over to the side of the slave.  A reversal has taken place, one that required a number of different conditions to hold.

The big question -- the reason why Hegel didn't just stop with this early section of the work -- is What comes next?  But for the moment, that doesn't need to be addressed.  Instead, we can look back over the path we've traversed -- and here is the last portion of it:

  • Lordship and Bondage, sec. 178-181
  • Lordship and Bondage, sec. 182-184
  • Lordship and Bondage, sec. 185-187
  • Lordship and Bondage, sec. 188-189  
  • Lordship and Bondage, sec. 190
  • Lordship and Bondage, sec. 191-193
  • Lordship and Bondage, sec. 194-195
  • Lordship and Bondage, sec. 196
  • Saturday, October 3, 2015

    First Four Videos of Lordship and Bondage Section

    I've just released the 75th video installation in the series, covering paragraphs 188 and 189 -- and at the very end of the developments taking place in these paragraphs, we finally get to the very beginning of the Master-Slave dialectic proper.

    Hegel introduces the two terms to us -- Herr, which Miller translates as "Lord," but which is more often rendered "Master" -- and Knecht, "Bondsman" or "Slave" -- and identifies the two of them with a dependent and an independent consciousness.

    Here's the video commentary leading us through the first half of this section and to this critical transition point:

    Wednesday, September 23, 2015

    Public Half-Hour Hegel Q&A Later Today!

    We'd committed that when Patreon supporters of the Half-Hour Hegel project reached a certain level of total pledges, I'd start offering the same sort of Q&A sessions I'd been providing exclusively to my patrons to the general public, open-access, for free.

    I held the inaugural session back in August, taking a break from the drive back from New York City, stopping at a rest area, and taking advantage of their free wifi.  Four people interested in Hegel, including some of my Patreon supporters, signed in, and we had a great, far-ranging conversation, focused particularly on the territory we'd earlier traversed in the Consciousness section, and looking ahead to the rest of the Self-Consciousness section.  We even discussed some of the possible parallels between Hegel and Heidegger.  All told, a great Google Hangout.

    I've scheduled the second one for later today.  So, if you've got any Hegel-related questions, or if you'd just like to listen in on some Hegel enthusiasts, join the Google Hangout -- I'll be opening it up at 7:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  Until then, here's the event page (where I'll also post the link, once I open the Hangout)

    Monday, September 21, 2015

    Starting the Master-Slave Dialectic

    With this video, we start the long-anticipated dialectic of Master and Slave, or if you prefer the more old-fashioned translation, Lordship and Bondage.

    You won't find any discussion of these two terms quite yet, though -- Hegel has a bit of preliminary setting matters up to conduct first.  We have to get two self-consciousnesses caught within their relationship to each other, neither one able to be entirely what it is because it needs the other in order to be what it will.

    But, the subjugation of the one consciousness -- the Slave or Bondsman -- to the other -- the Lord or Master -- is soon to come.  As is the surprise ending. . . .

    Monday, September 14, 2015

    On To the Master and Slave Dialectic!

    We've finished up with the first portion of the Self-Consciousness section of Hegel's Phenomenology.  It too six video lectures -- about 3 hours worth of video (representing somewhere around 20-25 hours worth of work) -- to get through all of the dialectical twists and turns of those paragraphs.  Here's the video for paragraphs 176 and 177:

    So that does mean that with the very next video, we get into the second section, "Independence and Dependence of Self-Consciousness:  Lordship and Bondage," otherwise known by the alternate translation of Herrschaft und Knechtschaft -- the Master-Slave Dialectic.   Exciting stuff coming up!

    Saturday, September 5, 2015

    Progressing Through Self-Consciousness

    We're continuing our trek through the first portion of the Self-Consciousness section, making good and steady progress once again -- and getting closer and closer to the beginning of the next section, "Independence and Dependence of Self-Consciousness, or the famous dialectic of Master and Slave.

    There's two new videos available in the series, getting us now to 70 total half-hour installments. 

    Here they are: 

    Monday, August 31, 2015

    Open Culture Features The Project!

    It looks like the Half-Hour Hegel project is starting to get some press in the larger online intellectual community -- the intersection between academic research, continuing education, and the broader interested public.

    The massive curated clearinghouse for online intellectual content, Open Culture, recently featured the Half-Hour Hegel project.  That's very cool to see, and I suspect, so long as we keep up the quality video commentary work, we can expect to see some other sites mention or discuss the video commentary series down the line as well.

    Sunday, August 30, 2015

    First Three Lectures of Self-Consciousness Published

    We've now moved into the Self-Consciousness section, gradually making our way to the most-often-commented-upon portion of the Phenomenology -- the dialectic of Master and Slave (or as it's sometimes translated, Lordship and Bondage).

    We've got a bit of dialectical development to cover before we arrive at the rather exciting topics just preceding the Master-Slave relations -- the doubling of self-consciousness, the struggle to the death for recognition -- and even before that, Hegel has to get us to the point where those can become in some way necessary.  He has to explore the nature of Life and Desire.

    Here are the first three lectures, focused on the earliest paragraphs of the new section:
    We'll have more coming out in the course of this week, and hopefully will be into the first bits of the Master-Slave section by the end of September!

    Friday, August 21, 2015

    Major Announcement - Consciousness Section Finished!

    If you've been keeping up with the video series, you know that we've now covered five portions of the work -- the Preface, the Introduction, and then the three sections of Consciousness:  Sense-Certainty, Perception, and Force and the Understanding.  The very last installment for that last section -- video number 65 so far --  was released earlier this week.

    We've reached an important turning point both in the written work of the Phenomenology itself and in this Half Hour Hegel project.  So, I'd like to take a bit of time to look back and reflect upon the latter, and to talk about why the former matters as well.

    Friday, August 14, 2015

    New Patreon Milestone Passed!

    I'm happy to write that we have now passed another milestone point in the Half-Hour Hegel series project Patreon campaign.  A total of 21 supporters so far have pledged over $75 per video produced and posted -- a strong measure of support for the intensive work required in creating the Half Hour Hegel videos.

    I'd pledged, for my own part, that once we reached this level of commitment, I'd start holding monthly, free, open-access Google Hangouts in which I'd address Hegel-related matters not only for Patreon supporters of the project, but anyone who wanted to join the Hangout. 

    I've already been holding more exclusive monthly Google Hangouts as a perk for Patreon supporters who pledged $3 or more per video -- so far I've held four of them, in which I answered questions from quite literally "all over the map" (right now, we've got supporters on three continents for the project!)  Now, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we'll be opening up similar monthly Hegel Q&A sessions to the general public! 

    So if you're interested in joining in one or more of those Hangouts, watch for them. Dates and times will be posted on my Facebook page events, my Google+ profile (then go to events), and on our ReasonIO site.

    Monday, June 29, 2015

    Sixty Lectures In!

    I've been a bit remiss in writing in this blog over this month.  If you've been following along with my activities on my other social media (particularly my Facebook page or my Google+ stream), you know why:  a research residency with the Institute for St. Anselm Studies, followed by a Metaphysics Colloquium, lots of writing work, capped off by the Aquinas Leadership Congress.

    Still, I've been shooting, editing, uploading, and releasing Half Hour Hegel videos -- 4 in the month of June -- plowing our way through the twists and turns of the "Force and the Understanding" section.  We're making good progress, and should be through it by the end of July, I expect.

    Here's all of the video lectures in Force and the Understanding up to this point -- somewhere between 4 and 5 hours. 

    Saturday, May 23, 2015

    Answer to a Good Question: Sartre and Hegel

    One of the most productive aspects of holding monthly online Q&A sessions as a perk for my Patreon supporters of this project is getting asked questions that really do need to be asked and answered, given that the main purpose of the video series (and the associated activities) is to help people productively study and learn Hegel's Phenomenology.

    It's occurred to me that I ought to start writing down the responses that I give, for two main reasons.  First, they're not being recorded in these sessions, and every once in a while, I surprise myself by coming up with an interesting response or explanation.  Second, and more importantly, with quite a few of the questions, if one person is asking them, they're likely to bear upon issues that many other people wonder about as well.

    This first one was asked by Thao Nguyen -- and it's a question I've addressed before in a different setting (in one of my 10 Short Clips videos) -- about the relation between Jean-Paul Sartre's and G.W.F. Hegel's use of the same terminology, specifically the "in-itself" and "for-itself".  Are both philosophers in effect meaning the same thing when they use these terms in the course of their magna opera, Being and Nothingness and the Phenomenology of Spirit

    Wednesday, May 13, 2015

    A Cool Hegel Triptych

    One of the fans of the Half Hour Hegel series, (who goes by what I'm guessing are pseudonyms) Milliardo Peacecraft and Budimen Budimen, created this interesting triptych, taking Hegel's iconic portrait as a starting point.

    It might well be titled "Hegel and Melancholia," and read visually and expressively from right to left.  We start with a recognizable representation of the great German philosopher, but with almost a hint of a smile, and eyes a bit softer and forgiving than those in his usual depictions.  Then, we shift to a blued, Jekyll-Hyde-suggestive distortion, still recognizably the iconic work, but dour or even soured in expression.  In the third, an externalization has taken place, a hazy net providing the latticework through which Hegel gazes out at the world, and at the viewer.

    It's a suggestive piece of work, which I'm quite grateful to have been provided with.  I'm by no means a good guy for commenting upon artwork -- so I'd welcome any comments by those who want to contribute a bit more by way of discussion or analysis.

    Sunday, May 10, 2015

    Starting The Section: Force and the Understanding!

    We've been making fairly consistent progress -- supported, encouraged, and also (important for me) held to promised deadlines by Patreon supporters of the project -- and we now are moving into the third and final section of the first part of the Phenomenology -- "Consciousness".  This is the first lecture in the new -- and difficult -- section "Force and the Understanding."

    Hegel's not yet introducing one of the key new terms -- Force (Kraft) -- that will occur in the next paragraph (136), which might require an entire video devoted specifically to it in its own right, but he is bringing attention to something that has been implicit all along, as we explored the dialectics of the object of sense and perception -- the Unconditioned Universal.  He also adds a distinction -- a new way of looking at multiple sides or aspects, which then will undergo their own interplay -- between Content and Form.

    As I remarked early on in the lecture video, we're now going to be engaging in some pretty heavy duty metaphysics.  But, as we'll see, as we proceed through the section over the next two months or so, there are also some important developments and implications for our understanding of matters of ethics, identity, and interpersonal relations -- it's not for nothing that this section immediately precedes the next main division of the work:  "Self-Consciousness."

    Thursday, May 7, 2015

    We're Finished With The Section "Perception"!

    Early in May, we're finished  with working our winding way through the section "Perception", the second in the first main division "Consciousness"!  That puts both Sense Certainty and Perception behind us -- and now a new horizon opens.  The road ahead leads us into what might be described as a "dense, dark forest", worthy of a Brother Grimm's fairy-tale:  Force and the Unconsciousness.

    Before we head into that new section -- the last of the part "Consciousness" -- we should stop to take stock of how far we've come so far (but don't look too much yet at how much lies ahead, lest you get dissuaded of continuing our long march!).  We've made it through the difficult introductory material -- the Preface and the Introduction -- and we worked through some specific and preliminary dialectical maneuvers with the last two sections.  We've realized, first, that there's strictly speaking no such thing as "sense certainty" -- the object or experience that was supposed to be immediate showed itself, at least for Consciousness (where the whole game plays itself out for Hegel) to be an intersection of Universals -- sensuous universals, as we realized as we moved into Perception (the "truth-taking," Wahr-nehmung, by the conscious subject).

    Now we've seen that even Perception itself could not be a secure resting-place (and because of that, no foundational starting-point) for Philosophy.  The Thing -- the object with its properties -- turned out to suffer a kind of pulsational diffusion and reintegration as we explored various perspectives upon it, ultimately displaying itself as unable to unite all of these aspects within itself.  Upon retrospect, that should be so surprise, since after all, this is the section devoted to consciousness. . .

    For those who haven't yet watched them, here's the full set of videos of commentary on this section:

    Tuesday, April 28, 2015

    More than Halfway Through "Perception"

    We're making good progress through the section "Perception" -- the second section in the first main part, "Consciousness".  I think we'll actually be ready to finish up with Perception and embark upon the next, and more difficult section, "Force and the Understanding" by the second week of May!

    We've covered quite a bit of ground in "Perception," seemingly retracing some of the material in "Sense- Certainty" -- but you can also see Hegel's account becoming progressively more complex as we head deeper into the work -- more complex, and also more concrete, that's the general movement of the dialectic.

    In any case, if you've missed them so far, here's the set of video lectures from this section -- the ones produced and published so far.

    Saturday, April 18, 2015

    Second Patreon Milestone Reached!

    I'm very happy to be able to report that we've crossed the second milestone in the Patreon campaign devoted to the Half Hour Hegel project!  (Patreon allows those who want to support content producers to do so - and to get a few perks and rewards in the process.)  At this level of support, I've pledged that I'll step up the rate of producing these videos -- from the initial leisurely 4 per month to a somewhat more intense 6 videos per month.

    At that rate, if I can effectively do that this month -- which is, as I write, more than half over -- we could be through the section "Perception" by the end of the month, or at least by the end of the first week of May!  And then, we proceed into one of the admittedly more difficult and murky portions of the text - "Force and the Understanding,"  which at the rate of 6 videos per month, might be finished by the end of June.  And that means, at this stepped-up speed, we get into the section that everybody asks about, the famous dialectic of Master and Slave, early on in July (moving into the whole portion of the text "Self-Consciousness")

    I've got to say that I'm very happy and grateful to see such support early on in this Patreon campaign.  I frankly thought that it would take a bit longer to arrive at this point, but I'm glad that it didn't!  Now, though, it's up to me to make good -- and keep on making good -- on my own commitment to step up the production of high-quality Hegel videos.

    Thursday, April 2, 2015

    Second Installment on the Section "Perception"

    A few days ago, I managed to carve out enough time to make good (for once!) to bring out one Hegel video roughly each week.  We've now moved past the literary beachhead and are making some decent progress marching through the section "Perception, or The Thing and Deception".  The putatively immediate object, or rather experience explored earlier in Sense Certainty has given way to something more complex and also in some sense more concrete, less abstract -- that's the main direction we'll be going in, by the way, as we get deeper and deeper into the work, towards perspectives that are more and more concrete (though. . .  they're going to deal with concrete universals!)

    In this section -- and as we explore this Gestalt, this stage of consciousness -- it is now a matter of looking at (and looking at our looking) the Thing and its properties.  Hegel might be using what appears a rather dull example -- salt, with its whiteness, and cubicality, and tartness, and . . .  --  and I'm following suit often enough with the ubiquitous piece of chalk that's either in my hand or in my pocket -- but what is going on is quite exciting if you follow it through!

    Tuesday, March 24, 2015

    Passed First Patreon Milestone

    Last night, we passed one of the "milestones" I'd set for the Half Hour Hegel Patreon page.  I'd committed that, if enough patrons pledged that we reached $25 per video, I'd remove all of the advertising from every one of the videos in the Half Hour Hegel series -- past, present, and future.

    We're now up to 8 patrons, and combined they've committed to $31 per video -- a show of support and appreciation for a philosophical project that is really great to witness!  That not only more than surpasses any ad revenue the video series earns -- it's also pretty cool to be able to put a face and a name to each supporter of this work, rather than just have everyone lumped into an anonymous aggregation of advertising numbers and terms.

    When I sat down and worked out what it takes to produce one half-hour video on my end, it ended up involving somewhere around 4-5 hours worth of work.  The actual filming of 30 minutes worth of footage requires a good bit more than half an hour.   Preparing for the filming -- rereading, thinking, planning, even writing on the chalkboard, takes up a surprising amount of time.  Then, there's creating the slides, the whole editing process, uploading the video, and entering in all of the information. 

    The next milestone arrives at the $50 per video mark.  At that level, what I'm committed to doing is stepping up the pace of video-production from the roughly four videos per month to six videos per month -- that would effectively get the entire project accomplished in 2/3 of the time allotted, reducing the projected 4 to 5 years to about 3 to 3 1/2 years.  I suspect that, at the current rate of new patron commitments to the project, I probably should plan to hit that mark this upcoming month!

    Thursday, March 19, 2015

    Patreon Pitch Video for Half Hour Hegel

    Although I sent the Half Hour Hegel project Patreon page public about a week and a half back, one of the typical elements of a Patreon campaign was still missing . . .  until today -- a short video describing the project for potential patrons.

    I finally bit the bullet, worked my way through the shots and edits, and brought the finished video out today.  It's quite a bit longer than what Patreon suggests for such videos, but on the other hand, it's also much, much shorter than my usual videos, so I think it ought to be quite all right for the purposes of the project.

    Tuesday, March 17, 2015

    We Begin the Section "Perception"

    We're now starting a new section, "Perception," the second in the very first part of the Phenomenology, "Consciousness" -- and the first video is now available.   It's a bit of a long one, coming in at about 37 minutes, but close enough to 30, I suppose to still be called "Half Hour Hegel."

    At the end of all of the dialectical twists and turns in the previous section, "Sense Certainty," Hegel had brought us to the point where we could see that the real truth of experience, of what appears to be immediate sensation, is the Universal.  That culminated in a shift of focus to Perception, which grasps universals in the sensible particulars. 

    Saturday, March 7, 2015

    Launching A Patreon Campaign For Half Hour Hegel!

    Since I first started shooting the Half Hour Hegel videos a little over a year ago, I've had quite a few people express their gratitude for the work I put into them -- and a number of them have sent in donations to support the project.  Over the last several months, we came to a decision at ReasonIO that we'd move away from the rather ad hoc Paypal donation link to something a bit more fully thought through -- and here it is: 

    Patreon is something like the better-known Kickstarter and Indiegogo -- a "crowdfunding" site, but unlike those two, which tend to be used to support single-product projects, Patreon allows people to contribute per product (in this case, per video), making it ideal for artists, musicians, cartoonists, podcasters, video-content-producers -- even for philosophers.

    Saturday, February 28, 2015

    Sense Certainty Is Finished!

    The final video installment of the section Sense Certainty is now finished and released!  That means that we've now passed a new milestone of sorts -- getting through one of the sections of the text proper (as opposed to the Preface and Introduction)

    It ended up requiring six videos total -- about 3 hours -- to get through the 21 paragraphs in this section.  When I think back to the semester-long Hegel course I took as a graduate student two decades back, I believe that we might have spent about an hour or so on this section -- though the professor noted that when he'd taken his Hegel, it was a year-long course, allowing the study to proceed at a much more leisurely pace.

    Three hours of video for this section seems like a decent amount for a contemporary student who'd like to be able to work their way through the Phenomenology on their own, using the series as a resource.  It's doable in, say, a weekend, leaving time for a person to reread, reflect, argue with oneself, argue with Hegel, and so forth . . . .

    In any case, it's now on to the 21 paragraphs of the following section, "Perception" . . . .

    Sunday, February 15, 2015

    Making Our Way Through Sense Certainty

    Sense Certainty is a fairly short, and -- at least in relation to some of the material coming up (e.g. Force and the Understanding) -- pretty straightforward section of the Phenomenology of Spirit.  For those who have been following along through the Preface and the Introduction, and have been wondering, "when are we going to get to something not just about method, about specific shapes of consciousness?", you get some of that in Sense Certainty.

    Hegel is indeed starting out at -- or quickly getting into -- what might appear a rather high level of generality or abstraction.  But there's a good reason for this.  When we start at what we think to be the exact opposite end of things, with what is most concrete, what is immediately present, what we experience, it turns out that when we look more closely at this seemingly basic truth, matters are not at all that simple -- there's mediation going on, and if we follow along, we get to witness some dialectical development.  That's already taken place, and continually takes place -- we're just not aware of it until we start paying closer attention.

    At present, I've produced four video installments for this section:
    By the end of February, I'll have produced, uploaded, and released two more -- and with those, we will be finished with Sense Certainty, and ready to move into the next section, Perception.

    Tuesday, January 27, 2015

    A Bit of Hegel-Related Humor

    It's not that frequent that one finds some decently witty humor poking fun at Hegel -- I suppose that would be something I could do a search for, when I find some spare time.  But here's one bit I came across today, from Slate Star Codex -- it's not exclusively Hegel, of course, but then again, I think he'd have no problem sharing some space with the other philosophers whose works and thought he himself discussed.  The piece is called A Philosopher Walks Into a Coffee Shop

    Here's the joke:
    Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel goes up to the counter and gives a tremendously long custom order in German, specifying exactly how much of each sort of syrup he wants, various espresso shots, cream in exactly the right pattern, and a bunch of toppings, all added in a specific order at a specific temperature. The barista can’t follow him, so just gives up and hands him a small plain coffee. He walks away. The people behind him in line are very impressed with his apparent expertise, and they all order the same thing Hegel got. The barista gives each of them a small plain coffee, and they all remark on how delicious it tastes and what a remarkable coffee connoisseur that Hegel is. “The Hegel” becomes a new Starbucks special and is wildly popular for the next seventy years.
    There is a certain truth to it. . .  (Hegel readers will get that pun)

    Saturday, January 24, 2015

    First New Video Installment of the Year

    This new video marks several firsts in the Half-Hour Hegel series.  It is, after all, the very first video installment that I've shot, edited, and uploaded in this new year of 2015.  I'd hoped to get moving right after the start of the year, but teaching two intensive 4-week online Ethics classes -- which started in late December, and ended only on the 16th of January -- demanded a lot of time and energy that would have otherwise been spent on other projects, or even on a bit of relaxation and renewal.  so, I'm just getting this first video out today.

    There's another important first as well.  So far, believe it or not, we've just been examining and discussing the materials preliminary to the Phenomenology itself -- the long, quite convoluted, but exciting Preface -- and the shorter, more straightforward Introduction.  Those took between them 38 video installments to cover -- almost 20 hours of Half-Hour Hegel!  Now, we're actually moving into the content of the book, starting with the very first portion -- Consciousness -- and the first section of that -- Sense Certainty.

    Stylistically, I've decided to stick with more or less the same format as I used for the earlier portions of the series -- that's been working well so far, and the less I have to focus on style, the more I can focus on content -- but with each new section, I change the introductory music, and move to a different color-scheme for the slides I incorporate into the videos (I'll stick with variations on that dark red for the rest of Consciousness).

    It feels good to have gotten this far into the text -- it's been almost a year since I started this series, and there's still about another 7/8 of the text to work through, paragraph by paragraph, a bit of a daunting prospect!  But we're now actually in the work itself, getting our hands dirty mucking around in the middle of the dialectic -- it's all pretty much uphill from here, but we've got some great vistas to look forward to.  So, I'm pretty pleased to have started digging into this particular section!

    Thursday, January 15, 2015

    In the Meantime, A Bit of Fun. . .

    I'm gearing up for a new round of reading and commentary of Hegel's Phenomenology, starting a bit after the halfway point of January -- we'll be starting the section on Consciousness, with the seemingly pristine origin point of Sense-Certainty!

    What has been holding me back from jumping right in is that I've been teaching three online classes that started back in December.  Two of them are intensive 4-week Ethics classes, and those are just about to finish up this week.  I've managed to stay on top of grading, so I hope that by the end of this weekend, I'll be entirely done with those two.

    For the other, a 10-week World Views and Values class, I've been producing brand new content about one week ahead of my students -- 6 videos a week, 4 2000-3000 word lessons on main ideas, 3-4 handouts -- so that has been taking a lot of my time and energy away from Hegel-related matters.  But soon. . . .

    Sunday, January 4, 2015

    The Introduction Is Finished!

    Caught up in the busyness inherent in the holiday season, and trying to keep afloat while teaching three online courses, I realize that I neglected to mention here that all of the remaining videos covering the Introduction to the Phenomenology of Spirit were shot, edited, uploaded, and released by late December.

    Even worse, I didn't post them in the video page!  Well, "worse" understood very relatively, of course, since no real Hegel-admirer is going to allow him- or herself to get very worked up about a few links not being posted here (one can always track them down, with just a bit of application, and some search savvy!).

    In any case, that oversight will soon enough be remedied -- right after I publish this first short post of the New Year -- but here are those last three videos of the Introduction:
    After working our way through the Preface and Introduction, we're now ready to begin the Phenomenology proper, going into the section on Consciousness, starting with Sense-Certainty.  I've already started shooting some of the first bits of video footage. . . . 

    Let's see just how far we can proceed into the labyrinth of the Spirit in 2015!