Tuesday, April 28, 2015

More than Halfway Through "Perception"

We're making good progress through the section "Perception" -- the second section in the first main part, "Consciousness".  I think we'll actually be ready to finish up with Perception and embark upon the next, and more difficult section, "Force and the Understanding" by the second week of May!

We've covered quite a bit of ground in "Perception," seemingly retracing some of the material in "Sense- Certainty" -- but you can also see Hegel's account becoming progressively more complex as we head deeper into the work -- more complex, and also more concrete, that's the general movement of the dialectic.

In any case, if you've missed them so far, here's the set of video lectures from this section -- the ones produced and published so far.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Second Patreon Milestone Reached!

I'm very happy to be able to report that we've crossed the second milestone in the Patreon campaign devoted to the Half Hour Hegel project!  (Patreon allows those who want to support content producers to do so - and to get a few perks and rewards in the process.)  At this level of support, I've pledged that I'll step up the rate of producing these videos -- from the initial leisurely 4 per month to a somewhat more intense 6 videos per month.

At that rate, if I can effectively do that this month -- which is, as I write, more than half over -- we could be through the section "Perception" by the end of the month, or at least by the end of the first week of May!  And then, we proceed into one of the admittedly more difficult and murky portions of the text - "Force and the Understanding,"  which at the rate of 6 videos per month, might be finished by the end of June.  And that means, at this stepped-up speed, we get into the section that everybody asks about, the famous dialectic of Master and Slave, early on in July (moving into the whole portion of the text "Self-Consciousness")

I've got to say that I'm very happy and grateful to see such support early on in this Patreon campaign.  I frankly thought that it would take a bit longer to arrive at this point, but I'm glad that it didn't!  Now, though, it's up to me to make good -- and keep on making good -- on my own commitment to step up the production of high-quality Hegel videos.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Second Installment on the Section "Perception"

A few days ago, I managed to carve out enough time to make good (for once!) to bring out one Hegel video roughly each week.  We've now moved past the literary beachhead and are making some decent progress marching through the section "Perception, or The Thing and Deception".  The putatively immediate object, or rather experience explored earlier in Sense Certainty has given way to something more complex and also in some sense more concrete, less abstract -- that's the main direction we'll be going in, by the way, as we get deeper and deeper into the work, towards perspectives that are more and more concrete (though. . .  they're going to deal with concrete universals!)

In this section -- and as we explore this Gestalt, this stage of consciousness -- it is now a matter of looking at (and looking at our looking) the Thing and its properties.  Hegel might be using what appears a rather dull example -- salt, with its whiteness, and cubicality, and tartness, and . . .  --  and I'm following suit often enough with the ubiquitous piece of chalk that's either in my hand or in my pocket -- but what is going on is quite exciting if you follow it through!