Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Passed First Patreon Milestone

Last night, we passed one of the "milestones" I'd set for the Half Hour Hegel Patreon page.  I'd committed that, if enough patrons pledged that we reached $25 per video, I'd remove all of the advertising from every one of the videos in the Half Hour Hegel series -- past, present, and future.

We're now up to 8 patrons, and combined they've committed to $31 per video -- a show of support and appreciation for a philosophical project that is really great to witness!  That not only more than surpasses any ad revenue the video series earns -- it's also pretty cool to be able to put a face and a name to each supporter of this work, rather than just have everyone lumped into an anonymous aggregation of advertising numbers and terms.

When I sat down and worked out what it takes to produce one half-hour video on my end, it ended up involving somewhere around 4-5 hours worth of work.  The actual filming of 30 minutes worth of footage requires a good bit more than half an hour.   Preparing for the filming -- rereading, thinking, planning, even writing on the chalkboard, takes up a surprising amount of time.  Then, there's creating the slides, the whole editing process, uploading the video, and entering in all of the information. 

The next milestone arrives at the $50 per video mark.  At that level, what I'm committed to doing is stepping up the pace of video-production from the roughly four videos per month to six videos per month -- that would effectively get the entire project accomplished in 2/3 of the time allotted, reducing the projected 4 to 5 years to about 3 to 3 1/2 years.  I suspect that, at the current rate of new patron commitments to the project, I probably should plan to hit that mark this upcoming month!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Patreon Pitch Video for Half Hour Hegel

Although I sent the Half Hour Hegel project Patreon page public about a week and a half back, one of the typical elements of a Patreon campaign was still missing . . .  until today -- a short video describing the project for potential patrons.

I finally bit the bullet, worked my way through the shots and edits, and brought the finished video out today.  It's quite a bit longer than what Patreon suggests for such videos, but on the other hand, it's also much, much shorter than my usual videos, so I think it ought to be quite all right for the purposes of the project.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

We Begin the Section "Perception"

We're now starting a new section, "Perception," the second in the very first part of the Phenomenology, "Consciousness" -- and the first video is now available.   It's a bit of a long one, coming in at about 37 minutes, but close enough to 30, I suppose to still be called "Half Hour Hegel."

At the end of all of the dialectical twists and turns in the previous section, "Sense Certainty," Hegel had brought us to the point where we could see that the real truth of experience, of what appears to be immediate sensation, is the Universal.  That culminated in a shift of focus to Perception, which grasps universals in the sensible particulars. 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Launching A Patreon Campaign For Half Hour Hegel!

Since I first started shooting the Half Hour Hegel videos a little over a year ago, I've had quite a few people express their gratitude for the work I put into them -- and a number of them have sent in donations to support the project.  Over the last several months, we came to a decision at ReasonIO that we'd move away from the rather ad hoc Paypal donation link to something a bit more fully thought through -- and here it is: 

Patreon is something like the better-known Kickstarter and Indiegogo -- a "crowdfunding" site, but unlike those two, which tend to be used to support single-product projects, Patreon allows people to contribute per product (in this case, per video), making it ideal for artists, musicians, cartoonists, podcasters, video-content-producers -- even for philosophers.