Thursday, February 25, 2016

Video #100 in the Half Hour Hegel Series Published!

The Half Hour Hegel project has been underway for about two years at this point, we've made quite a bit of progress.  We're now just at the beginning paragraphs of the quite lengthy section, "Reason," but we're making good headway through the work, averaging about 6 videos per month.

With the single video devoted to the four paragraphs (240-243) at the very start of the first main sub-section of "Reason", i.e. "Observing Reason", we hit an mark - number 100!

There's nothing magical about that number of course, but it is a pleasingly rounded one, I have to admit.  And it provides a decent vantage point from which to look back over the two years of work, and the interactions with those who have been using, discussing, and (in some cases) supporting the production of this commentary on Hegel's Phenomenology.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hegel Q&A Tomorrow Evening

Tomorrow evening - from 5 PM to 6 PM Central Standard Time - I'm holding the Public Half Hour Hegel Q&A Hangout for the month of February.

This is a free service I started to offer to the general public as part of the Half Hour Hegel Project once we passed a particular level of support from my Patreon crowdfunding backers (so if you go to the hangout and benefit from it, if you know any of them, make sure to thank them!)

I'll be posting the link to the hangout - once its opened - on my Facebook author page, on my Google+ page, and on my Twitter, so if you want to get in, you'll want to watch for it at one of those virtual locations.  You'll also need to have the Hangouts software on your computer or app on your phone.

Anyone is welcome to pop in, and I'll be giving priority to those who have actual questions for me.  Google at present only allows 10 people at a time to be fully present in the Hangout (i.e. through their own video), but anyone can watch and use the text box to ask questions or make comments.

So, if you've got a yen to talk some Hegel, mark it on your calendar, and watch for that Hangout link!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Starting A New Section - Reason

After making our way through the earlier parts of the work - the Preface, the Introduction, the three parts of Consciousness, and the three parts of Self-Consciousness - we are now moving into a much more voluminous section, Reason.

Running from paragraph 231 to number 437, this Reason section comprises 207 total paragraphs, a little over a quarter of the entire Phenomenology of Spirit.  So, I imagine we'll be working our way through this very interesting section for roughly about the next year. Or, perhaps for a bit longer time - though with luck, perhaps a bit more quickly. . .

At present, I've got the three first video commentaries from this section available.  Here they are:

  • Lecture 96 - paragraphs 231-232
  • Lecture 97 - paragraphs 233-234
  • Lecture 98 - paragraphs 235-236