Thursday, April 21, 2016

More Videos in Observing Reason

At this point, we've made some real headway into the first substantive portion of the Reason section of the Phenomenology.  I'd wager that we're now at the halfway point, and should be finished with that section, "Observation of Nature" sometime in May.

With these video lectures - and in these paragraphs - Hegel is leading us through some of the common conceptions of the natural science of his time, as applied to organisms, i.e. beings whose end lies in themselves, in continuing and augmenting their own being through their own action.

Here are the next three videos in this section:

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Public Q&A Session Open Now

Swamped with various work projects, I jut noticed that I've neglected to post about the upcoming Half Hour Hegel Q&A session - carried out through Google Hangouts.

Well, it's not actually upcoming now -- I've just opened the Hangout.  So if you're interested, come on in.  Here's the link.  Come join us for some conversation about Hegel!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Continuing Through Observation of Nature

We're now six video lecture installments into this lengthy, and first substantive, portion of the Reason section of the work.  Since the section extends all the way to paragraph 297, we haven't yet made it to the halfway point of "Observation of Nature."  Quite likely, working through that entire portion of the work will require around 20 or so videos.

Already at this point, Hegel has led us into an integrated sequence of perspectives as a phenomenologist who is observing the dialectical development of reason in its observational activity: law, physical phenomena, ends, organisms, and teleological relations. We're not done with any of them, though, at this point. . .

Here are the next three videos in this section: