Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Public Q&A Session Later Today

Later on today, from 5-6 PM Central (i.e. Chicago) Time, I'll be holding another monthly Public Q&A session via Google Hangouts.

I'll be posting the link for the Hangout once it's opened in several locations - my Patreon page, my Facebook author page, in Google+, and in Twitter.

So, if you've got some Hegel-related questions, or matters you'd like cleared up (perhaps - or possibly made even more complicated), or if you just like to listen to other people puzzle out stuff pertaining to Hegel, join the hangout!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Four More Observing Reason Videos

Progress continues through this long (54 paragraphs) initial section in Observing Reason - Observation of Nature.

Four more video commentaries are completed, covering paragraphs 272-284, getting us closer to the end of this section, and a resolution that will lead us into some more complex (and from my perspective, more interesting) dialectical developments later on in the other Observing Reason sections, not to mention the other portions of Reason (and don't even get my started on the Spirit and Religion parts of the work!)

So, here are the four new video lectures - it looks like with another 4-5 videos we'll finish up this sub-section, moving next into Observation of Self-Consciousness in mid-June.