Sunday, January 22, 2017

Last Three Videos on Virtue and the Way of the World

Earlier today, I publicly posted the 155th video in the Half Hour Hegel series, finishing up the video commentary on the "Virtue and the Way of the World" portion of the text.  This also marks the end of the second main portion of this massive Reason section of the Phenomenology.

As with the earlier two dialectical developments in this part - "Pleasure and Necessity" and "The Law of the Heart and The Frenzy of Self-Conceit" - what we see is a shift of initiative away from the first term and towards the second term.  Virtue - and by this Hegel clarifies that he means a modern conception of virtue - definitely takes a drubbing from the Way of the World.

I'll do a bit of writing here about what goes on in these three shapes of consciousness, hopefully later this month (if not, then in early February).  For now, here are those last three videos:

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Our First Online Q&A Session Of 2017

We have been holding online Q&A sessions for the general public for roughly the last two years or so.  Each month, we meet for an hour to address any questions - as best as I can (sometimes drawing upon the expertise of some of the other attendees) - and engage in discussion about Hegel's thought and works and the application of his philosophy.  (I have to admit that we often do stray into other territory, though!)

Up to the session that we will be holding tomorrow - at 5 PM Central Time - we have been using Google Hangouts as our meeting place.  Well, it's a new year, and we're switching to a new, better platform for the meeting sessions, one we've used for our online courses and seminars -

Now, if you're interested in joining the Public Q&A session, you don't have to wait for me to open up a hangout and post the link to it.  Here's the link for the session space tomorrow right here.

I should mention that these sessions - and the ongoing production of the video series - are effectively underwritten by my Patreon supporters.  If you find that you benefit from the Half Hour Hegel series, and you aren't already a supporter, you might consider - in this new year - becoming one.  If not, make sure to express any gratitude you feel towards my Patreon supporters who make this ongoing work possible!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

First Three Videos on Virtue and the Way of the World

Before the end of last year, we started "Virtue and the Way of the World" - the last portion of the "Actualization of Rational Self-Consciousness Through Its Own Activity, which is the second big part of the Reason section of the Phenomenology.

With this dialectical development - one that, like the two preceding it, still bears many implications for people in our contemporary world - we work through another common way in which human beings strive after some shape of happiness.  In this case, at least at the start of the development, the individual commits him or herself to something bigger, something that appears transcendent to projected of concealed individual desires and their satisfactions.

Virtue in this modern sense - for Hegel clearly distinguishes what he is examining from earlier, ancient and medieval conceptions of virtue - presents itself by way of opposition to a "way of the world", a generalized environment of ultimately self-centered individuals and the actions, practices, and institutions they engage in.  How does this conflict end up?  It seems at first that virtue ought to be the natural winner - that there isn't even really a contest.  But that's not what actually turns out to be the case.

Here are the first three video lectures from that portion of the text.