Supporters of the Project

I've created a Patreon page in order to create opportunities for people to support the ongoing development of the Half Hour Hegel series.

It also permits me to offer rewards to those who commit to become patrons of the project, and one of those rewards -- at a certain level of support ($5 per video) -- is actually being acknowledged as a patron in the forthcoming videos, and here on the Half Hour Hegel blog.

So, here they are:
  • Duncan Pugh
  • Donnie Fontenot
  • Phillip Soen
  • Bruce Moore
  • Lisa Morrison
  • Ted Shigematsu 
  • Barinder Singh
  • Alexander Hine
  • Brent Wejrowski
  • Robert Drumm
  • Maciej Majer
  • Isak Mlonyeni
  • Morhaf Al Achkar
  • Mark Trumble
 I'm very grateful for their support!

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