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I get a lot of comments on the Half Hour Hegel videos.  Here's some of the comments in which people express what they like or find useful about the series:

This series is a fantastic supplement to my readings and secondary sources. Thanks for uploading them! - Robert T.

Absolutely fantastic! I've been itching to get into Hegel but have found the vast claims of confusion regarding his work to make the task seem daunting on my own. Definitely going to keep up with this series and I'm sure it will be very helpful. Kyle D.

I really hope you are able to keep doing this :) I have never been so engaged in Philosophy than to hear your 'down to earth' comparison/explanations of the (it has to be said) verbose and convoluted text from Hegel - It makes me so much more interested to attempt understanding of it. - Lisa M.

This is a very good format, and I wish this format were adopted for other influential works as well. The insights and commentary provided make the material more accessible and increases the digestibility of it. This in turn is likely to draw others who would otherwise forgo the material. We collectively appreciate the work you do here. As my son grows older I will be using your resources here to introduce him to philosophy. It is an underappreciated subject in today's modern world. Donald C.

Thanks for the super human effort professor and for your patience to simplify Hegel who is devilishly difficult...This series will be a gem to watch, as are all your other vids! - Sam B. 

Mr. Sadler, you're my hero. I've been looking into studying the Phenomenology of Spirit in detail, and now with your videos I have the hope of being able to achieve my goal. Thank you very much, your work is very inspiring. Tomás l'H

This is wonderful. I just started doing some independent study of Hegel and he is so insightful, but his work is so daunting! I looked around for some help online but I would've never expected to find a full series by an actual philosopher. What a windfall. Thank you for your work
. - Nathaniel B.

What! Going through the entire book! Incredible! Would possibly be the most impressive YouTube series ever! - Mark J.

This series is magnificent. I have always told people I threw Hegel in the trash because I thought it was garbage. I couldn't make sense out of any of it. I can tell Sadler knows his sh*t and he will make sense out of Hegel. Doug P.

Dear Dr Sadler, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for the investment of time you have made to this incredible project. Words cannot adequately express thanks for the gift of learning you provide. I for one am extremely grateful. There's a special place in the universal stream of human consciousness for people like you. Nicholas H.

Thank you so much for the effort and detail you are putting into your videos. I really enjoy them, and it will be great to follow Hegel in detail with your lovely conversational approach. - Harry W.

Thanks so much for these lectures. I am a lay person when it comes to philosophy, but it has been a "hobby" of mine now for 30 years. I had always heard that Hegel is a hard read and I opened this book last week and, geez! I went looking here on youtube for help and found your installments. Youtube at it's finest! Thanks again. Tom V.

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