Texts and Translations

The Translation I'm using in the Half-Hour Hegel Series

The particular English translation of Hegel's Phenomenologie des Geistes is the readily available and very inexpensive ($12.20) Miller version.

It is strongly suggested that those who want to follow the videos acquire a copy of this translation, and use it to study Hegel, employing the videos as an aid for that study, rather than as a replacement for it.  While I am actually reading the passages from Miller's translation verbatim in each video, before commenting on the text, it is much better to actually be able to read through the text in a continuous, ongoing manner.

This translation by Miller can also be accessed in GoogleBooks -- not in its entirety, but for most of the portions of the text.

Other English Translations of Hegel's Phenomenologie

An earlier translation of Hegel's Phenomenologie, by James Black Baillie -- preferred by some for stylistic reasons to the Miller translation -- has been long available.  If you'd prefer to have or to consult that version, you have several options

The contemporary Hegel scholar, Terry Pinkard (Georgetown University) has been preparing a new translation of the Phenomenologie,  forthcoming with Cambridge University Press.  For some time, he was making the draft version of it available for education purposes, but the earlier link to that version has been broken for some time.  A new link can be found on his page.

One can still find some copies of that draft manuscript floating around, though, if one digs into the web -- for those who want it, while it remains available, here is one archived version.

Hegel's Phenomenologie des Geistes in the original

For those who like their Hegel straight, neat, and German, the Phenomenologie des Geistes can be found in several locations online:
I like to read the German from time to time, and to compare the German text to the English translation, particularly whenever I suspect that some liberties have been taken in translating. . .

Hegel's  Phenomenology on Audible

There's also a read-aloud version of the work -- the Miller translation -- available on Audible.com.  It's bit pricey at $39.95, and I'm not sure how well one can really grasp the work when read in one continuous stream, but for those who are interested in that sort of thing, there you go!