Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Introduction Commences!

Having passed a bit of a milestone last month -- bringing the lectures on the Preface to the Phenomenology to a successful close -- it was time to start on the next portion of the work -- the Introduction.

Much shorter in length, the Introduction won't take anywhere near the time demanded to produce and post the 31 earlier lectures -- I'm on good track to have us moving into the section on Sense-Certainty around New Years.  It's looking as if it will demand about 8 half-hour lectures to get through all the paragraphs.

I'll say more about precisely what's going on in the Introduction when I post later videos here.  For right now, permit me to drag us down from the sublimities of metaphysics and cognition to the admittedly superficial level of the aesthetic. 

You'll notice that there's a different look to this video, a look that will continued through the other videos that follow out this section.  I also switched the introductory music, and I have decided that I'm going to continue this precedent as we transition to further sections of the text.

With as many videos as are likely to be required to round out the series, I wanted to have some manner by which to distinguish the different sets of videos from each other -- so, changing the background, font color, and music, while maintaining everything of the structure the same, struck me as a good way to mark the move from Preface to Introduction.

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