Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sense Certainty Is Finished!

The final video installment of the section Sense Certainty is now finished and released!  That means that we've now passed a new milestone of sorts -- getting through one of the sections of the text proper (as opposed to the Preface and Introduction)

It ended up requiring six videos total -- about 3 hours -- to get through the 21 paragraphs in this section.  When I think back to the semester-long Hegel course I took as a graduate student two decades back, I believe that we might have spent about an hour or so on this section -- though the professor noted that when he'd taken his Hegel, it was a year-long course, allowing the study to proceed at a much more leisurely pace.

Three hours of video for this section seems like a decent amount for a contemporary student who'd like to be able to work their way through the Phenomenology on their own, using the series as a resource.  It's doable in, say, a weekend, leaving time for a person to reread, reflect, argue with oneself, argue with Hegel, and so forth . . . .

In any case, it's now on to the 21 paragraphs of the following section, "Perception" . . . .

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