Thursday, June 30, 2016

All The Videos On Observation of Self-Consciousness In Its Purity

We have just finished up with a very short, but important, section of the Observing Reason portion of the text - "Observation of Self-Consciousness in Relation to Its Purity and In Its Relation to External Actuality" (quite a mouthful there!)

There are only eleven paragraphs, some of them quite short, in this section - and we managed to pack the commentary on all of them into three videos.  The dialectic that Hegel develops - and which will get further worked out in the much longer section that follows - has to do with how human beings as individuals are, or are not, conditioned or determined by what we can call "external factors".  Can laws of thought, or psychological laws, adequately ground our understanding of human choices, actions, and behavior - that's the question being explored.

Here are the three videos commenting on this section (you'll notice something else new about them as well. . . )


  1. this was an interesting section. The sphere as a gallery with the individual at the centre was very interesting...reminded me of the matrix where Neo met the architect, except instead of the architect being in the centre, it should be Neo. also, consider the godel drawing where the spectator looks at a painting in a gallery of the entire world including the spectator. interesting....

    1. I hadn't thought of that scene, but that actually does work well for this - the idea of creating the "matrix" is that by managing what are essentially external factors, i.e. the world external to the individual, the individual ought to be able to be shaped, even if there is some modicum of play or freedom in the mix