Sunday, January 22, 2017

Last Three Videos on Virtue and the Way of the World

Earlier today, I publicly posted the 155th video in the Half Hour Hegel series, finishing up the video commentary on the "Virtue and the Way of the World" portion of the text.  This also marks the end of the second main portion of this massive Reason section of the Phenomenology.

As with the earlier two dialectical developments in this part - "Pleasure and Necessity" and "The Law of the Heart and The Frenzy of Self-Conceit" - what we see is a shift of initiative away from the first term and towards the second term.  Virtue - and by this Hegel clarifies that he means a modern conception of virtue - definitely takes a drubbing from the Way of the World.

I'll do a bit of writing here about what goes on in these three shapes of consciousness, hopefully later this month (if not, then in early February).  For now, here are those last three videos:

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