Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Next Four Videos in The Spirit Portion of the Work

The first section of the Spirit portion of the Phenomenology is "The True Spirit - The Ethical Order".  It comprises a pretty substantive portion of the work - paragraphs 444 to 483 - so there will be quite a few videos to get through that entire section.  Even the first sub-section is quite long, ranging over paragraphs 446 to 463.

What Hegel is developing in that first subsection is an eventual conflict between two main manifestations of the "Ethical Substance" - what he will term the Divine Law, with its locus in the Family, and the Human Law, with its locus in the State or Nation.  Making it even more complicated, he will also connect these two sides with gender, placing Woman on the side of the Divine Law and the Family, and Man on the side of Human Law and the larger Community.

Here are those early videos, the first one of which is an introduction to the first section in general.

The next three are the beginning of the section proper

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