Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Four Videos Finishing Up Human And Divine Law

We're still making some excellent progress through the Phenomenology.  With the four lectures linked here, we finish up the very first substantive sub-section of the Spirit portion of the work - one of the longest parts, rivaled only by the Reason portion we finished up earlier this year!

You might think about this first sub-section as the one in which Hegel is setting up - laying the ground - for the conflict that is going to occur between the two "Laws" - human and divine - in the section that follows.  There is quite a bit more going on in those paragraphs, of course - some very interesting meditations upon family dynamics, the nature of death, and so forth - but that is one of the key aspects of the sub-section as well.

At any rate, here are those four commentary videos, covering eleven paragraphs of that section:

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