Thursday, October 12, 2017

First Three Videos in Culture and The World of Actuality

We are now moving into one of my favorite sections of the Phenomenology, "Culture and the Realm of Actuality" - where Hegel explores a dialectic, once again, between two ethical powers or principles, State Power and Wealth.  He will also introduce consciousness' own orientation towards these two actualizations of the ethical substance.

One possibility for the individual person is what he terms the "Noble Consciousness".  The other is the "Base" or "Ignoble Consciousness".  This is a very rich interplay that we're just seeing the start of in these first three videos, covering the initial six paragraphs in this section.  It has some definite historical connections - not always quite so easy to see in Hegel's narrative! - and it connects back up at multiple points with previous dialectical developments from the first three main parts of the work (and from earlier parts of Spirit).

Here are those first three videos:

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