Saturday, November 4, 2017

Next Three Videos in Culture and the Realm of Actuality

We're continuing on through this rather long, but very interesting sub-section of the Phenomenology.  Right now, as I write this, Patreon supporters are actually about eight full videos ahead of what I've released publicly - so we'll have to remedy that in the coming weeks by releasing the videos I've produced a bit more quickly.

At any rate, with the addition of these three new videos we're now well into this section that focuses on the dynamic interplays between two main ethical forces - State Power and Wealth - and the two ways self-consciousness can orient itself in relation to those forces - the Noble and the Base Consciousnesses.

Here are those three new videos - more to come soon!

Lecture 204 - paragraphs 494-495
Lecture 205 - paragraphs 496-497
Lecture 206 - paragraphs 498-499

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