Saturday, August 24, 2019

Updated the Video Series Page

As I gear up for resuming production on the Half Hour Hegel series (more about why that's taken so long coming in another post), I thought I had better take a look at the Video Series page here on the Half Hour Hegel site, to see if it was up to date with the 264 commentary videos I have created so far.

It was a good thing that I did that.  The page was about ten or so lectures behind.  The videos on the Duplicity and Deception section were long ago finished, so all of those are now linked to on that page.  And the four videos available so far in the Conscience section are now there as well.

Once we finish up the Conscience section, we will have successfully made it to the end of the massive Spirit portion of the work, and we'll be starting Religion - the second to last portion of the work.  I expect that between what's left of Spirit, that Religion portion and the last, short portion - Absolute Knowing - I'll likely need to shoot somewhere between 60 to 80 additional half-hour videos, bringing the series to well over 300.

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