Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lecture 25: Preface 56-58 Published

This is an interesting set of passages -- not that they aren't all, in the Phenomenology! 

I need to point out that there's a small error at the start of this video -- the very first slide has the previous lecture's (54-55) numbers rather than the present one.  But rest assured, this is indeed paragraphs 56, 57, and 58

One of the key things to look out for here is a new target of Hegel's critique of other, prevalent, but deficient modes of philosophical thinking -- what he calls Räsonieren, translated in Miller by "argumentation", "argumentative thinking", or "ratiocination".  This is the sort of approach that he will later discuss in terms of "skepticism" -- a use of human freedom towards whatever content is being developed or discussed to simply say "no" to it, by means of use of the understanding, though critique, analysis, argument. .  . .

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