Sunday, August 30, 2015

First Three Lectures of Self-Consciousness Published

We've now moved into the Self-Consciousness section, gradually making our way to the most-often-commented-upon portion of the Phenomenology -- the dialectic of Master and Slave (or as it's sometimes translated, Lordship and Bondage).

We've got a bit of dialectical development to cover before we arrive at the rather exciting topics just preceding the Master-Slave relations -- the doubling of self-consciousness, the struggle to the death for recognition -- and even before that, Hegel has to get us to the point where those can become in some way necessary.  He has to explore the nature of Life and Desire.

Here are the first three lectures, focused on the earliest paragraphs of the new section:
We'll have more coming out in the course of this week, and hopefully will be into the first bits of the Master-Slave section by the end of September!

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