Friday, August 14, 2015

New Patreon Milestone Passed!

I'm happy to write that we have now passed another milestone point in the Half-Hour Hegel series project Patreon campaign.  A total of 21 supporters so far have pledged over $75 per video produced and posted -- a strong measure of support for the intensive work required in creating the Half Hour Hegel videos.

I'd pledged, for my own part, that once we reached this level of commitment, I'd start holding monthly, free, open-access Google Hangouts in which I'd address Hegel-related matters not only for Patreon supporters of the project, but anyone who wanted to join the Hangout. 

I've already been holding more exclusive monthly Google Hangouts as a perk for Patreon supporters who pledged $3 or more per video -- so far I've held four of them, in which I answered questions from quite literally "all over the map" (right now, we've got supporters on three continents for the project!)  Now, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we'll be opening up similar monthly Hegel Q&A sessions to the general public! 

So if you're interested in joining in one or more of those Hangouts, watch for them. Dates and times will be posted on my Facebook page events, my Google+ profile (then go to events), and on our ReasonIO site.

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