Saturday, December 19, 2015

Into the Unhappy Consciousness

After his all-too-brief explorations - and criticisms - of Stoicism and Skepticism, the next topic in this section of Freedom of Self-Consciousness is what Hegel calls the "Unhappy Consciousness" (das unglückliche BewuƟtsein).  This portion takes up the lion's share of the section, so one would be entirely right to assume that this shape of consciousness is of central importance to Hegel.

In fact, we will see certain of the motifs developed within the Unhappy Consciousness come to the fore again, and receive further examination, in later sections - particularly in the penultimate section, Religion.  Adding to the importance of this dialectical development is that it will lead us to the very end of the Self-Consciousness section, and prepare the way (as did the earlier Force and the Understanding) for a transition to the next main section - Reason.

Here are the three videos available on the Unhappy Consciousness so far:

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