Saturday, January 23, 2016

Nearly Finished With Self-Consciousness

Making decent progress, we're just two video installations away from finishing the entire Self-Consciousness section of the Phenomenology.  As a matter of fact, I've scheduled some time later today to shoot the last of the footage, edit the remaining two videos, and upload them into YouTube!

This is a pretty major milestone that we're approaching, and I've decided I'd like to celebrate it with my Patreon supporters, my other viewers, readers, and subscribers, and anyone else who wants to get in on a Hegel party.  That will take place by Google Hangout on January 31st, and I'll write more about that in the next several days.

At present, we've worked our way through fourteen video installations worth of material in the "Stoicism, Skepticism, and the Unhappy Consciousness," the third part of the Self-Consciousness section - eight of which have been specifically on the Unhappy Consciousness.  Here are those videos, in sequence:

  • Lecture 86 - sec. 206-208
  • Lecture 87 - sec. 209-210
  • Lecture 88 - sec. 211-212
  • Lecture 89 - sec. 213-216
  • Lecture 90 - sec. 217
  • Lecture 91 - sec. 218-220
  • Lecture 92 - sec. 221-222
  • Lecture 93 - sec. 223-226
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