Sunday, November 6, 2016

Actualization of Self-Consciousness Videos

We have now left behind the first - and longest - portion of the Reason section of the Phenomenology, Observing Reason.  The two sections that follow are somewhat shorter, but for me of still more interest, since they have to do particularly with practical rationality.

Why is that?  It isn't because the rational self-consciousness first got its theoretical or speculative (or, if you're of a Kantian bent, "pure") reason side entirely figured out, and then moved on to practical application.

Instead, one of the motifs that you'll find running throughout the Hegelian work as a whole - and I think this may seem a bit counter-intuitive for some people ("isn't Hegel supposed to be an idealist, so everything is speculative, right?") is that the domain of the practical in complex and often implicit ways drives the activity of theoretical or speculative rationality (which, until the very end of the work, isn't a finished product or faculty, but always remains "under development," you might say.

There's quite a bit to say about this section - and I'll do that later this month.  For the time being, here are the five videos comprising the introduction to this new section.

Lecture 136 - paragraphs 347-349
Lecture 137 - paragraphs 350-351
Lecture 138 - paragraphs 352-355
Lecture 139 - paragraphs 356-357
Lecture 140 - paragraphs 358-359

What's coming next?  Three short but rich dialectical developments:  Pleasure and Necessity; The Law of the Heart and the Frenzy of Self-Conceit; and, Virtue and the Way of the World.  Each of them explores a typical way in which practically rational self-consciousness seeks out its good - and tries to produce it - within the world of experience.

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