Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pleasure and Necessity Videos

The sub-section, "Actualization of Rational Self-Consciousness Through Its Own Activity", is considerably shorter than the previous sub-section (Observing Reason) of the massive Reason section of the Phenomenology of Spirit.  But, in my view, it's even more interesting and important.  (I'll admit that I do have a bit of a bias in favor of practical philosophy, as opposed to the merely speculative or theoretical).

After working his way through some introductory - but very important - dialectical developments (for instance, bringing up the relationship between the individual rational self-consciousness and the "ethical substance" of the community), we're now in the first of the three main dialectics of this section.  This one is called "Pleasure and Necessity" - but as I point out in the commentary videos, it's one of the strangest treatments of pleasure you're going to find in philosophical literature (you'll actually see just as many references to "pleasure" in the section that follows ("The Law of the Heart and the Frenzy of Self Conceit")

Here are the commentary videos for this first section - Pleasure and Necessity.

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