Monday, April 3, 2017

First Three Lectures in Reason as Lawgiver

We're now halfway through the new section, "Reason As Lawgiver" - at least as far as the publicly released videos go (Patreon supporters get to see the new materials a few weeks in advance).

This is a very short section, only ten paragraphs, and it is followed by another equally short section, so before you know it. we'll have finished up with the entire Reason portion of the Phenomenology, and be ready to start the next massive portion, Spirit!

So, can rational self-consciousness make sense of its own project, the "heart of the matter" that it has discovered to be that "ethical substance" it has been seeking since the start of the second part of the Reason portion?  Has it at last arrived at something it can confidently hold in its grip and be entirely sure about?

That's an interesting "big picture" question.  You'll notice that Hegel resolves it in part by focusing in on some useful examples - that's what the entirety of paragraph 424 consists in, consideration of the ethical law: everyone should speak the truth.  Here are the first three videos in this new section:

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