Saturday, January 13, 2018

Five Videos - Faith and Pure Inisght

This new sub-section, "Faith and Pure Insight", is much shorter than the one that preceded it, Culture and the Realm of Actuality.  Given that both of them are portions of the first part of the second main section of Spirit - the part titled "Self-Alienated Spirit. Culture" - one might expect that Hegel would have given more space to the Faith and Pure Insight material.

But there is actually a good explanation for why the treatment here is so short.  "Faith and Pure Insight" is really a transitional section, leading right into the next big block of the Phenomenology, devoted to "The Enlightenment", where both Faith and Pure Insight will undergo further development.

This section, then, really is just moving us into the domain of "pure thought" that Hegel tells us takes up past the impasses, hypocrisy, and (though he doesn't use this term) nihilism of the culture dialectic.  It introduces us to Faith and Pure Insight but doesn't aim to exhaustively work through their dialectical relations and development.

Here are those five video lectures:

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