Saturday, February 3, 2018

Four Videos On The Enlightenment

We are now moving into a new section in Spirit - one that is really at the heart of Hegel's entire enterprise - "The Enlightenment."  After a very short introduction - which we managed to get through in just one video lecture - he launches into the first sub-section, "The Struggle of the Enlightenment With Superstition". That part is pretty long - 33 paragraphs, and it will take us a while to get through.

It is followed by a much shorter part, "The Truth of Enlightenment" - just 8 paragraphs long - before we launch into the next main part, "Absolute Freedom and the Terror".  So, you might think of the relationship between these two parts of the Enlightenment section as analogous to the two parts of the earlier "World of Self-Alienated Spirit - Culture" section.  The first one is where much of the action proper takes place, and the second one provides a shorter, transitional treatment, introducing themes that won't be entirely worked through until the following main part of the work.

Here is the one introductory video to this section.
Here are the first three videos in the "The Struggle of the Enlightenment With Superstition" section:

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