Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Bit of Hegel-Related Humor

It's not that frequent that one finds some decently witty humor poking fun at Hegel -- I suppose that would be something I could do a search for, when I find some spare time.  But here's one bit I came across today, from Slate Star Codex -- it's not exclusively Hegel, of course, but then again, I think he'd have no problem sharing some space with the other philosophers whose works and thought he himself discussed.  The piece is called A Philosopher Walks Into a Coffee Shop

Here's the joke:
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel goes up to the counter and gives a tremendously long custom order in German, specifying exactly how much of each sort of syrup he wants, various espresso shots, cream in exactly the right pattern, and a bunch of toppings, all added in a specific order at a specific temperature. The barista can’t follow him, so just gives up and hands him a small plain coffee. He walks away. The people behind him in line are very impressed with his apparent expertise, and they all order the same thing Hegel got. The barista gives each of them a small plain coffee, and they all remark on how delicious it tastes and what a remarkable coffee connoisseur that Hegel is. “The Hegel” becomes a new Starbucks special and is wildly popular for the next seventy years.
There is a certain truth to it. . .  (Hegel readers will get that pun)

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