Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Introduction Is Finished!

Caught up in the busyness inherent in the holiday season, and trying to keep afloat while teaching three online courses, I realize that I neglected to mention here that all of the remaining videos covering the Introduction to the Phenomenology of Spirit were shot, edited, uploaded, and released by late December.

Even worse, I didn't post them in the video page!  Well, "worse" understood very relatively, of course, since no real Hegel-admirer is going to allow him- or herself to get very worked up about a few links not being posted here (one can always track them down, with just a bit of application, and some search savvy!).

In any case, that oversight will soon enough be remedied -- right after I publish this first short post of the New Year -- but here are those last three videos of the Introduction:
After working our way through the Preface and Introduction, we're now ready to begin the Phenomenology proper, going into the section on Consciousness, starting with Sense-Certainty.  I've already started shooting some of the first bits of video footage. . . . 

Let's see just how far we can proceed into the labyrinth of the Spirit in 2015!

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