Saturday, January 24, 2015

First New Video Installment of the Year

This new video marks several firsts in the Half-Hour Hegel series.  It is, after all, the very first video installment that I've shot, edited, and uploaded in this new year of 2015.  I'd hoped to get moving right after the start of the year, but teaching two intensive 4-week online Ethics classes -- which started in late December, and ended only on the 16th of January -- demanded a lot of time and energy that would have otherwise been spent on other projects, or even on a bit of relaxation and renewal.  so, I'm just getting this first video out today.

There's another important first as well.  So far, believe it or not, we've just been examining and discussing the materials preliminary to the Phenomenology itself -- the long, quite convoluted, but exciting Preface -- and the shorter, more straightforward Introduction.  Those took between them 38 video installments to cover -- almost 20 hours of Half-Hour Hegel!  Now, we're actually moving into the content of the book, starting with the very first portion -- Consciousness -- and the first section of that -- Sense Certainty.

Stylistically, I've decided to stick with more or less the same format as I used for the earlier portions of the series -- that's been working well so far, and the less I have to focus on style, the more I can focus on content -- but with each new section, I change the introductory music, and move to a different color-scheme for the slides I incorporate into the videos (I'll stick with variations on that dark red for the rest of Consciousness).

It feels good to have gotten this far into the text -- it's been almost a year since I started this series, and there's still about another 7/8 of the text to work through, paragraph by paragraph, a bit of a daunting prospect!  But we're now actually in the work itself, getting our hands dirty mucking around in the middle of the dialectic -- it's all pretty much uphill from here, but we've got some great vistas to look forward to.  So, I'm pretty pleased to have started digging into this particular section!

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