Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Cool Hegel Triptych

One of the fans of the Half Hour Hegel series, (who goes by what I'm guessing are pseudonyms) Milliardo Peacecraft and Budimen Budimen, created this interesting triptych, taking Hegel's iconic portrait as a starting point.

It might well be titled "Hegel and Melancholia," and read visually and expressively from right to left.  We start with a recognizable representation of the great German philosopher, but with almost a hint of a smile, and eyes a bit softer and forgiving than those in his usual depictions.  Then, we shift to a blued, Jekyll-Hyde-suggestive distortion, still recognizably the iconic work, but dour or even soured in expression.  In the third, an externalization has taken place, a hazy net providing the latticework through which Hegel gazes out at the world, and at the viewer.

It's a suggestive piece of work, which I'm quite grateful to have been provided with.  I'm by no means a good guy for commenting upon artwork -- so I'd welcome any comments by those who want to contribute a bit more by way of discussion or analysis.

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