Thursday, May 7, 2015

We're Finished With The Section "Perception"!

Early in May, we're finished  with working our winding way through the section "Perception", the second in the first main division "Consciousness"!  That puts both Sense Certainty and Perception behind us -- and now a new horizon opens.  The road ahead leads us into what might be described as a "dense, dark forest", worthy of a Brother Grimm's fairy-tale:  Force and the Unconsciousness.

Before we head into that new section -- the last of the part "Consciousness" -- we should stop to take stock of how far we've come so far (but don't look too much yet at how much lies ahead, lest you get dissuaded of continuing our long march!).  We've made it through the difficult introductory material -- the Preface and the Introduction -- and we worked through some specific and preliminary dialectical maneuvers with the last two sections.  We've realized, first, that there's strictly speaking no such thing as "sense certainty" -- the object or experience that was supposed to be immediate showed itself, at least for Consciousness (where the whole game plays itself out for Hegel) to be an intersection of Universals -- sensuous universals, as we realized as we moved into Perception (the "truth-taking," Wahr-nehmung, by the conscious subject).

Now we've seen that even Perception itself could not be a secure resting-place (and because of that, no foundational starting-point) for Philosophy.  The Thing -- the object with its properties -- turned out to suffer a kind of pulsational diffusion and reintegration as we explored various perspectives upon it, ultimately displaying itself as unable to unite all of these aspects within itself.  Upon retrospect, that should be so surprise, since after all, this is the section devoted to consciousness. . .

For those who haven't yet watched them, here's the full set of videos of commentary on this section:

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