Sunday, May 10, 2015

Starting The Section: Force and the Understanding!

We've been making fairly consistent progress -- supported, encouraged, and also (important for me) held to promised deadlines by Patreon supporters of the project -- and we now are moving into the third and final section of the first part of the Phenomenology -- "Consciousness".  This is the first lecture in the new -- and difficult -- section "Force and the Understanding."

Hegel's not yet introducing one of the key new terms -- Force (Kraft) -- that will occur in the next paragraph (136), which might require an entire video devoted specifically to it in its own right, but he is bringing attention to something that has been implicit all along, as we explored the dialectics of the object of sense and perception -- the Unconditioned Universal.  He also adds a distinction -- a new way of looking at multiple sides or aspects, which then will undergo their own interplay -- between Content and Form.

As I remarked early on in the lecture video, we're now going to be engaging in some pretty heavy duty metaphysics.  But, as we'll see, as we proceed through the section over the next two months or so, there are also some important developments and implications for our understanding of matters of ethics, identity, and interpersonal relations -- it's not for nothing that this section immediately precedes the next main division of the work:  "Self-Consciousness."

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