Friday, January 29, 2016

Hegel Party to Celebrate Finishing Self Consciousness!

Over the last two years, supported through most of it by my Patreon backers (and I ought to mention, through all of it, by my wife, Andi Sciacca), I've produced 95 total videos in the Half Hour Hegel series, taking us all the way to end of the Self-Consciousness section.

That's a major milestone for this series, and I wanted to mark it by hosting a celebration of sorts -- an online Hegel party!  I'll be hosting it using the Google+ hangouts platform that I've used with the Q&A sessions.

I'll be opening the hangout this Sunday, from 2-3 PM Central Standard Time, though I may well stick around for a while longer.  I'll post the link to the hangout as soon as it opens on my social media - my Google+, my Facebook, and my Twitter.

I will definitely be enjoying some beer and chatting with anyone who shows up - about the project itself, about Hegel, and about anything else they like.  So join in, raise a glass, and celebrate this milestone with all of us!

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