Saturday, February 20, 2016

Starting A New Section - Reason

After making our way through the earlier parts of the work - the Preface, the Introduction, the three parts of Consciousness, and the three parts of Self-Consciousness - we are now moving into a much more voluminous section, Reason.

Running from paragraph 231 to number 437, this Reason section comprises 207 total paragraphs, a little over a quarter of the entire Phenomenology of Spirit.  So, I imagine we'll be working our way through this very interesting section for roughly about the next year. Or, perhaps for a bit longer time - though with luck, perhaps a bit more quickly. . .

At present, I've got the three first video commentaries from this section available.  Here they are:

  • Lecture 96 - paragraphs 231-232
  • Lecture 97 - paragraphs 233-234
  • Lecture 98 - paragraphs 235-236
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