Thursday, February 25, 2016

Video #100 in the Half Hour Hegel Series Published!

The Half Hour Hegel project has been underway for about two years at this point, we've made quite a bit of progress.  We're now just at the beginning paragraphs of the quite lengthy section, "Reason," but we're making good headway through the work, averaging about 6 videos per month.

With the single video devoted to the four paragraphs (240-243) at the very start of the first main sub-section of "Reason", i.e. "Observing Reason", we hit an mark - number 100!

There's nothing magical about that number of course, but it is a pleasingly rounded one, I have to admit.  And it provides a decent vantage point from which to look back over the two years of work, and the interactions with those who have been using, discussing, and (in some cases) supporting the production of this commentary on Hegel's Phenomenology.

Since each video is somewhere near 30 minutes long, that's 50 total hours of video commentary so far.  I imagine that in its totality, by the end of this project, we'll have somewhere around 150-170 total hours of online digital commentary produced.

In any case, here is video #100.

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