Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Half Hour Hegel In Wikipedia

I'm very happy to be able to report that the Half Hour Hegel series is now included as a recommended scholarly resource in the Wikipedia page for the Phenomenology of Spirit!

True, they have it listed (along with Bernstein's lectures) as "detailed audio commentary by an academic", which could give people the impression that it's a podcast if they're not paying close attention, but it also does say "YouTube" right next to the link - and if anyone clicks it, they go straight to the playlist.  In any case, since it's the infinitely revisable Wikipedia, I'm sure that dow the line they'll give it a fuller description.

What I find particularly gratifying about this inclusion is that it paves the way for further inclusions across the internet of this series as a resource for learners who want to do some serious, intensive study of Hegel's work.  Wikipedia has come a long, long way from its early days when many academics of my generation - and the older generations as well - formed a rather negative impression of its veracity and usefulness (this comic sketch manages to convey the gist of many of the complaints from back then), and we often recommended students not to rely upon it.

Wikipedia has become an integral part not only of the internet landscape, but even more importantly, an initial guide for learners engaging in research and inquiry.  So, if it sends people to the Half Hour Hegel series - whose entire purpose is making it possible for people worldwide to grapple with a major work of Western philosophy - that strikes me as a very good thing.

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