Friday, December 2, 2016

A New Perk for Supporters of the Project

I've been dying to share some cool news about the Half Hour Hegel project - specifically about a new perk I've been developing for the supporters of the project - and now I can finally spill the proverbial beans!

We've created an online academy for ReasonIO (my company), using the Teachable platform.  The first class that I published is a free course on Epictetus' Enchiridion.  I just now published the second class - a course site for the Half Hour Hegel project.

This new course lists for $175, but it is FREE for all Patreon supporters of the Half Hour Hegel project.  That's right: anyone who supports the project, even at the $1-per-video level (usually $6 per month) gets full lifetime access to the course site!

What's in that course site?  Quite a few things already - and I'm going to be adding even more over time.  Right now, you can find all of the 149 videos produced so far (Patreon supporters get to see videos about 2 weeks to a month before the general public) linked to in an well-organized manner in the course site.  That way, if you're studying the Master-Slave dialectic, and you want to find precisely those videos, you don't have to muck around with the YouTube playlist - you can go right to those videos.

I've also created an introductory section where I talk a bit about the history, the purposes, and the impact of the project.  And, there's also a section designed to make it easier for supporters and students to get involved in a genuine community of inquiry - you'll find discussion forums, a calendar of when the monthly Q&A sessions and other Hegel-related online events will take place, and a portal to access the site where (starting January), well be holding those sessions.  I'm also in process of building some pages of useful and interesting Hegel-related resources, including reading recommendations.  And, down the line, I'll be adding some Hegel handouts for students enrolled in the site.

The course site is, like I wrote above, a new PERK for those who have been supporting my work on this project over the last 2-1/2 years.  This is a massive undertaking, which can take up quite a bit of my time, thought, and effort, so I'm very grateful for those who have been effectively underwriting my labor up to this point.  The culmination of the project - still several years off - will be a comprehensive video commentary on the entirety of Hegel's Phenomenology.  I don't know that it will prove to be the sort of "possession for eternity" Herodotus hoped his work would be - after all, what will YouTube morph into in the coming decades? - but I do envision this project as a common good, accessible by learners worldwide, for years to come!

Just to give some sense of the impact that the videos have had so far, as a whole, they've been viewed over 225,000 times.  And. . . . a bit under 2.3 million total minutes have been watched worldwide. That's with about half of the total videos produced, and after less than 3 years of the project.  It's reasonable to expect these numbers to increase exponentially over the coming years. . . .

So if you're not already a supporter of the Half Hour Hegel project, this is a great time to take the plunge and become one.  On its own, it is (I dare say) a worthy digital humanities project, an example of educational innovation using the internet to open up a difficult philosophical work to learners who want to study it - so some people might consider supporting just for that reason.  And given that motivation, those are definitely people I want to offer this class for.

For everyone and anyone else who is interested in philosophy (and if you're not, why would you be reading this blog!?), here's the pitch.  Join the Patreon community that supports my work, and for the price of one or two frou-frou coffee drinks per month, I'll give you free access to this new Half Hour Hegel course site!