Friday, December 16, 2016

Finishing Up with the Law Of The Heart

The section "The Law of the Heart and the Frenzy of Self-Conceit" took six videos in total to work our way through.  We're now ready to move on into the next section, "Virtue and the Way of the World".

What we find as we work through this section is that the Law of the Heart does not prove to be a reliable way for the individual person to make sense out of his or her existence through practical action. In fact, the individual ends up really making a mess out of things by following that Law - which is precisely why it ends up in its dialectical opposite, the "frenzy of self-conceit".

It is an age-old story in some respects, but one that assumes particular importance for the modern consciousness.  The person find within him or herself something that protests, that revolts against what seems like an unjust, arbitrary, and exploitative world order - one that not only bears upon a suffering humanity, but even blinds that humanity to its oppression.  So it seems that the right thing to do is to externalize this law of the heart, to substitute it for the ordering governing the world.  But how well does that work out in practice?  That's where adopting a dialectic perspective - which is what Hegel is working out - reveals some fundamental problems with this approach.

Here's the three videos wrapping up this section:

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