Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December Half Hour Hegel Online Q&A Session Today

The monthly Half Hour Hegel online Q&A session will be taking place later today - from 5:00-6:00 PM Central Time.  If you've got any Hegel-related questions, or you'd just like to chat about Hegel and other matters (we often end up on tangents), come on over to our virtual space!

We'll still be using a Google Hangout for this one, and you can find the link to it - once I open the hangout - posted in multiple places.  I'll put in on my Patreon page, my Facebook page, my Google+ profile, and in my Twitter feed.

Next month, we'll be switching to a new platform, and that will enable us to provide the links ahead of time - and perhaps have a bit more reliable videoconferencing.

I should also mention that in addition to this Q&A session, were also having an online Hegel Holiday Party on the 23rd to celebrate passing the 150-video mark!  More news about that next week.

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